How to save money? – 5 basic principles

Do you want to know how to save money effectively?

Do you want to know how to save money effectively?

We have prepared a short guide for you. There you will find five basic principles that will help you shed new light on your personal finances!

Saving money is associated with limiting pleasure for building financial resources. However, if you approach the subject wisely, you will not have to give up anything. All you have to do is implement a few rules and your savings will start to increase!

How to save money? 5 basic rules

How to save money? 5 basic rules

  1. Write down how much you spend and how much you earn

Keeping a household budget is a trivial way to check where and how much your money is escaping and where it comes from. To start driving it, you need to look more closely at individual expenses per month.

  • It is worth to collect all receipts and check every operation in the bank. Then this information is placed in a file divided into categories of expenses and revenues.

Once you have everything written out and separated, you can proceed to the analysis. It’s good if it covers a slightly longer period – for example, 3 months. You can then check if your financial habits are repeatable. You will quickly realize in which categories you spend too much and where there are real opportunities to save money.

2. Optimize your expenses

You can check how much you spend based on your home budget. It’s a warm-up before spending optimization. Do you want to know how to save money? Learn to approach them wisely. It is not about cutting costs as much as possible, but about doing it wisely. Think about the categories in which you are able to manage your money more effectively.

Example: Your current telephone operator charges you USD 50. In return, you get free calls, free SMS and a 1 GB Internet packet. A competitive operator wants USD 45 for the same conditions. Optimization can be done in two ways: you will move to a cheaper operator or you will negotiate a better price with your current operator.

3. Plan your expenses in advance

For the third time you will use detailed knowledge about how much you spend and how much you earn. The answer to the question of how to save money is also hidden in wise spending planning with time. This rule applies to making some financial assumptions about your monthly options.

Example: you already know that you spend about USD 300 a month on entertainment (cinema, theater, going to pubs). Try to plan another month to reduce expenses for this category by USD 50. For example, you can view the movie listings and choose the movies you are interested in right now. To save USD 50, you just don’t have to buy popcorn at the cinema twice!

4. Avoid spontaneous buying

Buying under the influence of emotions destroys all effort put into preparation for the topic of “How to save money”. Before you take out your wallet in the store to buy another blouse that was on sale, think twice whether you really need this blouse.

5. Implement these principles slowly and carefully

Take your expenses and revenues seriously and carefully and you will easily start saving.

As you can see, implementing at least one of these methods will allow you to optimize your expenses. You’ll get the best results when you focus on individual, small activities. Start with what is easiest for you. When you feel that you already know how to save money, it is time for the next, bigger steps. We keep our fingers crossed!